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  1. What is a Domain Name?
    A domain name is the specific web site address that you choose for your website.  In the UK, these names are mostly registered through a company called Nominet.  APWD can handle all of the registration process for you!  No technical knowledge or paperwork required!
  2. I am currently hosting my website with another firm and want to come to APWD.  How do I do this?
    Complete our Contact Form, and we will do the rest.  We will move the domain name and all of your website content.
  3. What is web hosting?
    This is the service that makes your website visible on the internet.  APWD has its own server with a major UK web server company, with 24 hour support and monitoring.  We can provide hosting and email for you.
  4. What is a URL?
    URL stands for Universal Resource Locator.  This is the address that you type into the address bar in your internet browser software to view pages on the internet.  For example, http://www.apwd.co.uk would take you to this site.
  5. What are Support Contracts?
    In certain situations, our clients require ongoing help with maintaining their websites and training staff.  We have 3 levels of support contract.  Please contact us for details.
  6. Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes, we offer discounts for schools, Christian churches and registered charities.
  7. I am building my own website, can I phone you for advice?
    Sorry but no.  We do not provide consultancy for people who are building their own websites.
  8. Are you insured?
    APWD is covered with a major insurer for public liability and professional indemnity as well as full business protection. 
  9. Can I use any pictures from the internet on my website?
    APWD goes to great lengths to ensure that the websites that we build respect the copyright ownership of images and artwork that are used.  We only purchased from mainstream picture agencies. We ask our clients to confirm that any images that they supply to us are authorised for their intended use.
  10. Does email come with the website?
    Normally, yes!  If you have bought a domain name, then it is usual to have the facility of email addresses associated with it.  Forinstance, if you bought  www.newdomain.co.uk, you would be entitle to have email addresses such as myname@newdomain.co.uk.   The cost of using email is generally included in the hosting fee.
    We have summarised our Terms of Business into a single page, which is available here.  The document covers how we work, our payment terms, important legal info and our complaints procedure.    This document is revised from time to time, but we guarantee that the latest version will always be available on the website.  

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Our Clients Say...

Our Clients Say...“I needed somebody to help me with my web site build within a fairly tight timescale. Andy's expertise and experience solved that problem for me with ease, on time and within budget. Andy is always a pleasure to work with.”
- Andrew Stinchcomb
Integrity Financial

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